15 Aug 2012

Way in Saving Money With Your Hot Tub As Well As The Maintenance

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When it comes to relaxing at the end of a long, arduous day, whether it’s at the office or at home with your children, there isn’t anything that quite compares to the soothing, bubbly heat of a hot tub to ease those stresses away, especially if that tub is right in your own home or backyard. Soaking in your tub with a glass of wine on a clear evening can bring you a sense of worry- and tension-free easy relaxation like nothing else really can.

But, in order to enjoy your spa to its fullest, you must remember to keep it maintained so it will perform at its best and allow you to use it whenever you like. The two main components of keeping your tub in tiptop shape are changing the water periodically, and cleaning and replacing its filters.

When you do not clean or change your hot tub filters, serious damage – particularly to your water pump – may occur. This makes for expensive repairs and periods of time when you will be unable to utilize your wonderful spa tub. Just think about coming home after a particularly rough day and not being able to enjoy the hot tub you’ve invested so much money in. What a waste! You want to be sure you can soak in it whenever you like!

You should always change your water as per the instructions that came with your tub, as each is a bit different and based on their different capacities. Whenever you do change the water, this is a great time to install a hot tub replacement filter. You may even want to consider keeping two filter replacements, one to keep in your tub and clean on a regular basis, and another to have should the first become inoperable.

In addition to obtaining hot tub filter replacements to use when you change your tub’s water, you should also regularly clean them between changing. In order to clean the filter, simply remove it from the spa tub, and spray it off with a garden hose. If you prefer, automated filter cleaning devices can help make this task a bit easier for you. Simply hook the device to your garden hose and your filter is cleaned with little to no effort.

Remember never to neglect buying hot tub spa filters; this could result in unnecessary and costly repairs that can keep you from the peaceful tranquility your spa can provide you. But in the event that you encounter some problem in all types of repairs to Hot Tubs and Swim Spas including but not restricted to pumps, heaters, top sides, lighting, programming, audio/video, jetting, plumbing, trouble shooting, weatherization(closing), opening and cleaning. And the NEW SERVICE we now can move and removal of your Hot Tub and/or Spa. Just visit and contact us.

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