15 Aug 2012

Avoid Hot Tub Repair Bill

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A modern spa comprises of no less than one water pump, and in many instances up to 5 various pumps. The majority of spas nowadays have two to three pumps. This particular report will cover several of the basics of a Hot Tub Service and Pump Repair. Your pump performs the following tasks: It moves the water over the heater in order to heat it. It moves the water through the filtration system which will keep the water safer and cleaner. It provides the hydro therapy functions. It delivers mist (in cases where a mister is actually installed). It distributes ozone all the way through the hot tub water. It distributes the actual spa chemicals in the water. The pump is therefore one of the key spa parts that should be looked after to avoid the need for a hot tub spa repair.

The actual pumps, being mechanized forms of apparatus, are most likely to be one of the very first components that you have to deal with as your tub gets more mature. Most of the actual pump troubles not to mention failures are due to the upcoming factors: Poor water chemistry upkeep or failing to detect the first indications that the pump might be going downhill. Unfortunately, hot tubs repair companies can charge the earth if the problem is allowed to cause irreparable damage.

Exactly what do I mean by this? Well, inside the pump between the “dry end” of the pump, the motor unit, and the “wet end” of the pump, there is a small ceramic seal. This seal is in continuous contact with the water in the spa, and it is therefore vulnerable to the state of the water.

If the spa water is too acidic (below 7.0 ph) the acidity inside the water may start to eat away the actual seal and if that situation remains undiscovered, the seal may produce a minor leak. This leak will be a drip initially and practically impossible to identify. Over time you’ll start to notice a small continuous flow of water emerge from underneath the tub. At this point you’ve got a big problem.

Providing you are in a position to find the leak at this point, your repair will probably consist of simply changing the seal. It should cost you under $200. However, in the event that this kind of leak keeps increasing undetected, you will most likely end up in a situation where the water is beginning to leak directly into the motor. The motor will then seize up or quit operating.

The moral of this story is; when you see just a tiny bit of water developing from beneath the spa, switch it off, shut off the circuit breaker feeding the spa and call your Spa or Hot Tub Services Company.

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