15 Aug 2012

Great Things of Having a Jacuzzi

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One way of relaxing after a hard day at work or a good workout at the gym is to soak in the Jacuzzi or otherwise known as a hot tub. That soothing feeling that relieves you from stress is just what you need. In fact a Jacuzzi experience offers pain relief and calming of the nerves that it is considered to be therapeutic.

Just like your regular swimming pool, your hot tub also needs to keep its water fresh and clean at all times. Water must circulate in a filtration system to catch unwanted particles in your hot tub. To push water through a filter, a pump does the job and it makes sure that you are soaking in clean and safe water all the time. It also helps maintain heat in your water.

On top of circulating water, a Jacuzzi pump also creates the whirl pool effect of warm, comfortable water. In a typical hot tub, a Jacuzzi pump is like the heart of the whole system. For consumers, there are different choices depending on budget, pump capacity, temperature adjustment, speed and other personal preferences.

There varying Jacuzzi pump options in terms of speed. A single-speed pump produces a constant water flow and is not adjustable. The 2-speed pump can offer another speed option while a variable speed pump offers more speed adjustment options. The variable speed Jacuzzi pump is obviously the most expensive option among the three as it offers a variety of speeds.

A Jacuzzi pump could either be run by an induction motor or a brush motor. A brush motor is common but is usually noisy and has a shorter life span. An induction motor on the other hand offers a longer lasting and a quieter option.

To protect your investment, it is just as important to take good care of your Jacuzzi pump. You may have bought the most expensive and top of the line pump but it will lose its efficiency and serviceability if neglected. Water in the tub should be replaced on a monthly basis. Once water is flushed out, valves and filters should be scrubbed and cleaned. A cleaning solution or bleach in some cases can be used for soaking to clean unwanted sediments. Your filter has to be kept clean to ensure that your Jacuzzi pump does not burn out.

There will also come a time when a Jacuzzi pump would need to be repaired or replaced. This is when you observe significantly less pressure from outlet valves or inlet valves no longer take in as much water as it used to. Additionally, any sign of fluctuation in water temperature can also indicate that it is time to repair or replace your pump.

A Jacuzzi pump is a vital piece in your hot tub. Choosing the right pump for your Jacuzzi is the first step. Proper maintenance such as regular flushing and cleaning can prolong its serviceability. Consulting with your local to tub dealer would be a good idea to find out which brands perform better than the others.

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