16 Apr 2014

Heavy hot tub cover repair


My hot tub cover was getting very heavy, so I replaced one of the foam inserts. The foam insert was also cracked, so rather than buy a new cover, I tried ins…
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  1. TheCoverGuyCovers April 16, 2014 at 10:34 pm

    Great job on the repair, it’s the perfect way to get you by until you can
    put on a new hot tub cover. 

    We have been committed to trying to tack as many things as possible. A new
    cover is over 599.99. I am going to home depot today. What kind of tape
    was used? 

  3. Great suggestion. My hot tub is in a gazebo, so there’s no need to have the
    metal bars in place as snow and rain do not get on my cover. Using the
    styrofoam that does not get water logged also makes a ton of sense.

  4. what do you charge for foam inserts for a 77x 66 cover 4″-2″

  5. On the hot tub cover what is on the bottom of the whole thing by the water,
    i have to replace that portion and don’t know what it was

  6. Nicole Savaiano April 17, 2014 at 12:42 am

    This is a great idea, but you forgot the taper. Usually any standard or
    heavy- duty cover will have a 1-2″ downward taper from the center to edge
    to allow for water run off. To give you and idea: usually a heavy duty
    insert is 4″-2″ while a standard is 3″-1.5″ This feature is extremely
    important if your hot tub is exposed to rain, snow or even worse ICE.

  7. Michael Durand April 17, 2014 at 1:08 am

    Better to just buy a hole new cover, if the guy you are buying it from
    gives you a good price, it’s much better,

  8. Thank you for posting this! I did so much research and calling but NO ONE
    wants to sell the simple inserts. You would think in this economy the hot
    tub/spa dealers would want any business however they ALL try to take
    advantage by only selling the whole cover, charging between $265.00 –
    $500.00, cost me $41.00 for the Poystrene Foam and thick Vapor Plastic from
    Home Depot. I am a small single lady without any “handyman” experience but
    was able to complete this project on my own in a few hours.

  9. Don’t waste your time contacting these people, they DO NOT let you purchase
    the inserts alone, the man representing this company like ALL the other hot
    tub dealers said I wold have to purchase the whole cover. He tried to tell
    me that if he sent me replacements they probably would not fit, unless I
    purchased the original cover from him.

  10. I like your video. My cover is separated and each piece is in a great
    shape. There must be much easier way to connect the two pieces than
    replacing the whole outside cover,

  11. I am doing the same job but i will use SM styrofoam because it does not get
    water logged and has a better insulating rating. ( I have had SM floating
    in my outdoor pool for years and it never gets heavy). I am going to use
    two 1.5 inch slabs and then glue them together and create the slope using
    spray foam which will also keep the metal stiffener bar in place.

  12. Thank you, I had the same problem and did not want to buy a whole new
    cover. Now I don’t have to.

  13. I replaced my insulation after watching your video. Worked except the first
    heavy rainfall made it sag in the middle. Inserted a steel stud end to end
    where the folds are and then a flattened piece at 90 degrees to the 8 foot
    steel stud. My cover is 5 inches tapered to 4 inches. Spent $100 but a new
    cover with the same thickness was anywhere from $500 to $700. Hope to use
    this cover during winter in Manitoba.

  14. Hey thats great. We offer foam inserts for replacement if anyone needs
    them. You did it right by adding the vapor barrier. If we can

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