14 Aug 2012

Hot Tub Maintenance Guidelines

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I think most people agree that a hot tub is a wonderful thing to have. But it’s not so wonderful if the water is not clear and nice. That’s why hot tub maintenance is so important. And it’s not that difficult to keep your hot tub in great condition for many years.

One of the first things you need to think about is the Ph level, and that means keeping a few supplies on hand. Sure you get get them as you need them most of the time, but not always. The store is not always open when you decide a relaxing time in the tub would be nice. And that means you can’t use the hot tub when you want. If you keep a stock of the supplies you will have no such problem.

When you got your hot tub it probably came with a starter kit. That kit contained things like bromine and chlorine, typically in tablets or granules. You probably also had a Ph balance and an anti-foaming agent. It’s called a starter kit for a reason. It will get you going, but you will need more.

Always keep a shock treatment stored away. You of course expect to keep on top of your new purchase, but there will always be times when you get sidetracked and things will start to build up. Then to your surprise the water will appear green or unclear. Now you need to shock it. And when you do your problems will disappear right away. That’s why keeping a shock treatment at the ready is so important.

Naturally using your hot tub will be much more enjoyable when the water is crystal clear. Sparkling agents as well as chemical treatments for anti-scaling will help you keep it that way. Just make adding these elements part of your regular maintenance program. Even clean water will become cloudy when there is a build up of hard water calcium.

The final part of your maintenance regime is keeping the filter clean. It’s not hard. Using a garden hose on the cartridge at regular intervals should do the trick and will greatly reduce the amount of time and effort needed for other maintenance steps.

But even if you follow good hot tub maintenance, remember to drain and refill the tub 3 or 4 times a year.

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